17 gelatin silver prints; 20” x 24”; edition of 5

The (W)Holes series uses the same elements as Animus, but the effect is totally different. First, the animal skulls and columnar forms are in front of the scrim, not behind it. Secondly, the scrim itself is a translucent black fabric, and it has a much more open weave than the white one so that it can transmit the light; this gives it a textured feel – almost like conté crayon – that is quite unlike the smooth white fabric printed in reverse in Animus.

In this series I was very conscious of both the circular or ovoid form of the eye sockets and the phallic black columns, and tried to play them off each other, giving them a contentious feeling. Though I never had any narrative in mind, I was certainly aware of the sexual nature of the forms: indeed, the title refers to the "wholes" of the solid black forms and the "holes" of the eye socket, with the Freudian connotations intentional.