22 archival inkjet pigment prints from the ongoing series were printed in 2019; edition of 6 plus 2 artist’s proofs; sizes vary from 38” x 38” to 38” x 48.5”

As with “Mystic Light,” the “Quickening” series utilizes geometric forms – circles, cubes, rectangles – as well as differently proportioned bottles. Yet the feeling of the imagery is quite different. In “Mystic Light” the out-of-focus objects seem to radiate a soft but intense light; they hover, as if vibrating internally within the stillness of the scrim. In “Quickening,” however, the sense of movement tends to be between the objects rather than within them. This is due largely to the manipulation of the translucent scrim into gestural folds of light and shadow, resulting in a more dramatic quality of luminosity. The forms here seem not to hover, but to be animated – brought to life – by the force of the light.