Force Field
2019 –

23 archival inkjet pigment prints from the ongoing series were printed in 2021; edition of 6 plus 2 artist's proofs; sizes vary from 34" x 34.5" to 33.5" x 49"

During the last round of photographs I made for Quickening prior to printing them in 2019, in a few images I added glass cubes to the bottles and circles behind the scrim. I placed them upside down to soften the upper edge, and loved the evanescent shadows this created in the denser glass of the base. So, when the printing was finished and I returned to continue working on the series, I decided to use only cubes, occasionally combined with a circle.

The new images, however, felt different. As with the earlier work, I placed the cubes behind the scrim in such a way that the objects’ edges touching the scrim were sharp, while their outlines were slightly blurred and seemed to emerge from an indeterminate space. However, I minimized the folds created by the scrim, so that when they are present, these faint shadows seem to be generated by the forms themselves, rather than encountered as something ’other.’ Additionally, the images in the Force Field series are framed more tightly than in Quickening, and the forms are more densely juxtaposed; the resulting feeling is of one unit, charged with light and energy.