Extended Landscapes

47 gelatin silver prints; 11” x 14’; each image printed in separate edition of 2 – 15. 8 selected images printed 16” x 20”, of which 6 are printed in separate editions of 3 – 4, and 2 are unique. 20 selected images printed as archival inkjet pigment prints in 2010; edition of 6 plus 2 artist's proofs; sizes vary from 34" x 34" to 47.5" x 34.

Luminist silence represents not a void but a palpable space, in which everything happens while nothing does. – Barbara Novak


At the scale of deserts and plains, seemingly empty space vibrates with light – the radiant, all-over, shadow-less light of mid-day, or the glow of pre-storm light. Unlike sunlight, which creates patterns and an emphasis on surface, this light seems to emanate from, and be part of, space itself.

Details in the landscape are intentionally minimized so that they only serve to pull the eye back toward the horizon, which is felt, not as a line of separation, but as an opening to infinity.