Beyond Bones

20 archival inkjet pigment prints; edition of 12 plus 2 artist’s proofs; sizes variable from 34” x 34” to 34” x 46"

In this series, the skull is extremely abstracted, reduced in many images to just the large, dark nose hole, and sometimes the glint of a light eye socket. Again, these ovoid or circular elements are juxtaposed with solid black circles, but here the latter sometimes seem to dominate the image. In this series the circle does not hint of oneness and unity, but seems instead to threaten with emptiness – the black hole of an endless abyss. As in all of my work, the scrim is not a passive backdrop; rather, the lines and diagonals created by its folds animate the composition, and in this series, as in Full Circle, the very dark striations are particularly important, creating a sense of dynamism.